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Answers to IVF questions

Does the egg retrieval hurt? Will all eggs be fertilised? What happens if I miss a shot? Questions are many during an IVF treatment and all of them can be found in IVF FAQ.

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 “Questions may pop up after the clinic’s opening hours. We want to make sure you have access to answers from experts, 24/7. Whatever the query or question about IVF, we will provide you with an answer in IVF FAQ”

Bonnie Roupé, Founder of Bonzun IVF

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All answers in IVF FAQ are medically reviewed by IVF doctors and experts to make sure that you get reliable answers.

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We know how stressful an IVF treatment can be and how easy it is to forget. No more worries, In IVF FAQ we have collected all important questions about your treatment so that you can get answers – anywhere, anytime.

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Get expert support & answers to all your questions about your treatment now in Bonzun IVF. All content is medically reviewed and backed by IVF experts.

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All content in Bonzun IVF is medically reviewed by IVF physicians, researchers, psychologists and fertility experts. Read more about Bonzun’s content review principals here.

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